Frequent Questions

  • Is it possible to enter the park in the evening?

Yes, it’s possible to enter the park all the day, the only things you have to do is to respect the rules

  • Is it possible to have a picnic inside the park?

 Yes, in the park there are specific picnic and barbecue areas


  • Are there some toilets inside the park?

Yes, there are toilets near the Busto Arsizio entrance in “Cascinetta” and in the dining area

  • Is Parco Alto Milanese only a floristic park or are there also wild animal?

The PAM is mainly a floristic park but there are also little animals like squirrels

  • Is it permit to bring dogs inside the park?

All the domestic animals are welcome only if they are kept on a leash

  • Is it possible to work for the park?
  • Who are the “GEV”?

The “GEV” are “Voluntary ecological guards”, people that voluntarily takes care of the safeguarding of the park

  • What to do in case of emergency? Who to call?

In case of sighting of a forest fire, trash, damaged zones of the park, vandalism and dead animals, you have to call the emergency number